Photos from 2012

Photos from 2012 Here are the photos from my 2012 trip to Traverse City, MI. Advertisements


Oops. I’ll be traveling domestically next month and came here to blow the dust off my travel blog, only to find that I totally forgot to link up the photos from my trip to France. Here ya go: From August 4-14 I’ll be in the Traverse City, MI, area. No idea what kind of connectivity…

So far behind!

I’ve been far too busy enjoying my vacation to effectively blog about it. To sum up: Sunday, Olargues; Monday, Beziers; Tuesday, Carcassone; Wednesday, St. Pons and Rochbrun; Thursday, Narbonne; today, Marsellian. Photos and details to come.


Thing the First: Vincent, you were so right about the bread. Oh my god. Thing the Second: I saw a sign today in St. Pons, of a house in town advertising itself as a rustic gite (farm house). Rustic? Dude, this is rustic. (Note: video shows the 8 minutes of rural wandering it takes to…


Carcassonne is a huge affaire–the third most visited place in France, according to Lonely Planet. We joined the throngs on Tuesday. Carcassonne is a large, fortified medieval city (surrounded by the modern version) with bits and pieces dating back to the Romans. It once guarded the border between France and Spain. But eventually the border…

The rest of the Hillcrest Four have joined me.

I’m an early riser, even on vacation. But the more sensible members of the group are now about. The morning sun warms up the social side of the house very nicely. And the Hillcrest Four are enjoying that today.  

Home for the week.

We’re at La Fumade! The house is beautiful, as is the setting in a wilderness preserve. We have BBC 1 and a ton of DVDs for all our geekly needs. Everything is likely to stay undisturbed for a while, as the road up is long, twisty, and slightly terrifying.  This morning we explored Beziers, especially…

In Beziers

We all made it to Barcelona, eventually, although Amy had a bit of drama with her connections. While waiting for Amy, Chris, Anny, and I explored a little bit of Barcelona near the train station. There are small, treelined streets off the larger thoroughfares, with small shops and restaurants. We nabbed lunch at one where…

Hey, I know that guy.

My friends, Terry and Gabe, stayed at La Fumade a few weeks ago. You can watch Terry describe the area, and read a bit about the region, here.

The First of the Hillcrest Four is on the Go!

Anny’s heading out early for a side jaunt to Galway, Ireland, today. Last night we finalized our meet-up plans for Barcelona. In between these two items there will be Irish cider in its native environment for some, finalizing website wire-frames for others. Happy travels, Anny! We’ll see you in the boarding area of the train…